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MINEXX is a two-way system for sensor-based sorting of valuable raw materials. It recognises and classifies industrial materials such as quartz, calcite, talcum, limestone, and also ores and salts.

The secret of MINEXX is found in its customised configuration with a lighting system and high-resolution cameras. Minerals differ mainly by their different compositions or material-specific characteristics. Therefore it is our partner Binder+Co’s creed to equip MINEXX with the optimum lighting and camera combination for the respective application.

With the help of lighting systems and high-resolution cameras, MINEXX recognises the colour or alternatively the degree of whiteness of the respective minerals, their shapes and textures, or even their material-specific characteristics. Compressed air valves ensure rejection of the stone particles at the right time and place.

The modular and robust construction of MINEXX stands up to the extreme conditions of use such the high exposure to dust and moisture to which the machines are subjected.

Binder+Co has been a worldwide leader for decades in sorting transparent and non-transparent bulk materials. Their innovativeness in sensor-based sorting has won many awards. Together, we offer complete process solutions from a single source, from mechanical material conditioning to optoelectronic sorting.


MINEXX is a two-way system

Sorting widths: 1000 mm and 1300 mm
Particle size range: 5 mm – 130 mm


For the best possible fulfilment of specific customer requirements, Global Separators makes available to its customers a comprehensive testing facility which can carry out systematic test processes tailored to the task in hand.

What is special about the testing plant is its mobility. The testing plant is built into containers and can be combined in different ways according to test requirements. In this way, life-like simulations of the constant operation of the machinery can be carried out either at the Gleisdorf works or at the customer’s premises.

The testing facility comprises machinery and aggregates for dry, damp and wet screening, and drying and cooling as well as for sensor-supported separation of bulk materials. On the testing plants, unique tests including various combinations of machinery can be simulated so that the optimum co-ordination between the machinery and plants can be tailored to the individual requirements of the customer.

Spare Parts, Service + Training Courses

In order to guarantee lasting productivity of the machinery and plants, a qualified service team in the form of Global Separators After Sales is available.

  • Installation and commissioning of complete systems.
  • Training courses on operation and maintenance of supplied machinery and plants.
  • A 24-hour service hotline is available for fast troubleshooting in emergencies.
  • High availability of more than 8000 articles as well as efficient handling and dispatch logistics guarantee timely receipt of the required replacement parts.
  • Service work to optimise machinery and plant performances and to ensure lasting, reliable operation.

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