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Thermal ProcessingDRYON

Drying and cooling are elementary processing steps in the preparation of bulk materials of differing origin. As well as the constant quality of the final product, the high availability of the drying plants and their economical operation are much sought after.

For decades, Binder+Co has been a successful producer of vibrating fluid-bed dryers in the form of the DRYON, which find application in the building materials industry, minerals industry, foodstuff and animal feed industries, chemical industry and recycling industry. Customers value not only the long service life, but also the versatility of the DRYON, which allows individual customer requirements to be flexibly met.

At the same time, the DRYON is distinguished by its economic operation. The heat released in the cooling phase is utilised for drying and thus reduces energy requirements by up to 15%.

Many years of experience in the thermal treatment of bulk materials of all kinds not only qualifies Binder+Co to design customised systems, but has also turned the company into a leading provider of turn-key drying plants.

Areas of application:

  • Minerals – Drying is an important processing step in processing minerals and serves as a basis for the further processing or refining of bulk materials.
  • Foodstuffs and Animal Feed – To make foodstuffs, such as cereals, tea and coffee, and animal feeds packageable and storable, they are carefully dried and cooled using the DRYON after different relevant pre-treatment.
  • Plastics – With the world-wide growing need for synthetic raw materials, the quality demands of thermal raw-materials processing are simultaneously also increasing. Binder+Co’s automatic systems guarantee the processing of different plastics, such as PE and PET, into dust-free, evenly dried granulate for seamless further processing.
  • Chemical Products – Many substances in the chemical industry accumulate in the form of crystals in solvents and water. In their final state, however, they should be free-flowing, stable and able to be stored. Thermal drying thus represents an important processing step on top of mechanical solid-fluid separation.
  • Recycling – Drying cullet in waste-glass processing is an indispensable processing step. DRYON guarantees an interruption-free performance, where material blockages at discharge points are prevented so that cullet can be more easily separated for the sorting process. Additionally, undesirable organic materials are suctioned off during the drying process.


DRYON works according to the fluidised-bed principle. The product to be dried or cooled is placed on a perforated metal plate or special screen in the DRYON, and is then exposed to hot or cold air or other gaseous media blown from below. Due to constant vibration, the product is heated and moisture removed.

  • Static fluid-bed dryer for uniform bulk material: Part of the required energy is provided by heat exchangers, which means that the required air quantities – and thus the necessary blowing surface areas – can be reduced.
  • Vibrating fluid-bed dryers (flexible drive screens or resonance systems) for bulk materials with broad grain size:The vibration – even with low blowing speeds – enables optimum drying of products with fluctuating grain sizes.
  • The DRYON fluid-bed dryer can be installed with drying surface areas from 0.2 m² to 54 m² according to requirements.


For the best possible fulfilment of specific customer requirements, Binder+Co makes available to its customers a comprehensive testing facility which can carry out systematic test processes tailored to the task in hand.

What is special about the testing plant is its mobility. The testing plant is built into containers and can be combined in different ways according to test requirements. In this way, life-like simulations of the constant operation of the machinery can be carried out either at the Gleisdorf works or at the customer’s premises.

The testing facility comprises machinery and aggregates for dry, damp and wet screening, and drying and cooling as well as for sensor-supported separation of bulk materials. On the testing plants, unique tests including various combinations of machinery can be simulated so that the optimum co-ordination between the machinery and plants can be tailored to the individual requirements of the customer.

Spare Parts, Service + Training Courses

In order to guarantee lasting productivity of the machinery and plants, a qualified service team in the form of Global Separators After Sales is available.

  • Installation and commissioning of complete systems.
  • Training courses on operation and maintenance of supplied machinery and plants.
  • A 24-hour service hotline is available for fast troubleshooting in emergencies.
  • High availability of more than 8000 articles as well as efficient handling and dispatch logistics guarantee timely receipt of the required replacement parts.
  • Service work to optimise machinery and plant performances and to ensure lasting, reliable operation.

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